Brunei Scholarship – Apply Online For Fully Funded Brunei Scholarship with Free Visa

Apply Online For Fully Funded Brunei Scholarship with Free Visa

Apply Online For Fully Funded Brunei Scholarship with Free Visa – Scholars are selected annually for the fully funded Brunei scholarship with free visa. It is a special award scheme that exempts tuition fee and other special appropriate compulsory fees positioned for all the students partaking in the academic program. However, your cost of study depends on your choice of institution.

Fully Funded Brunei Scholarship with Free Visa

Interestingly, up to 4 universities in Brunei were positioned to participate in this Brunei Darussalam scholarship for International students. These foreign students are eligible to apply when they are appointed by their government and also from the eligible countries. Moreover, countries that are appointed as qualified constituencies are, but not limited to ASEAN countries and Commonwealth.

With no doubt, you will be 100% funded but you must show high concern and concentration emerging as the best students with the best students score every time of the year. Moreover, the award is limited to new undergraduates and postgraduates. You must be an aspirant of any of these levels of studies before you consider the scholarship scheme. Therefore, see more details about the fully funded Brunei scholarship with free visa.

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Scholarship Award

Let us under-list all the benefits you’re gonna enjoy while being one of the scholars. You will play your part first by being eligible, meeting all the requirements. When you become enlisted

  • Your tuition fee will be covered alongside other costs.
  • Accommodation will be given.
  • Return economic air ticket for the most economical route to Brunei Darussalam will be chosen for you by the Brunei government. Apart from this, no other travel expenses will be taken care of.
    More so, You will be given an annual books allowance alongside monthly stipend.
    Students are also medically insured.
  • Enroll for a program first and ensure that it corresponds with your dreams. Go through the participating universities to discover if they offer the course you intent to take or further.

Participating Universities

Here are universities that are participating with the fully funded Brunei scholarship with free visa to ensure that all the beneficiaries stay in comfortable environments and scenarios for studies.

These universities are

  1. Islam Sultan Sharif Ali University.
  2. University of Brunei Darussalam.
  3. Brunei Institute of Technology.
  4. Politeknik Brunei in Brunei

Each of them is unique in its own way. So, choose one and got for it, but before you enroll for any, see the qualification criteria below.

Qualification Criteria

Quickly go through the idea below to discover the requirements set for students that will partake in this fully funded program with free visa. Become one of the considered by

  • Being a student from any of the ASEAN countries.
  • More so, ensure that you don’t have anything to do with Asian countries.
  • Most of all, the award is strictly for undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • Have you ever taken any of the above degrees since your lifetime? Do not proceed with this scholarship because you are ineligible.
  • However, it is clear that undergraduate applicants will not exceed 25 years while postgraduates, Masters precisely, will not exceed 35 years.
  • Above all, you must be ready to study abroad and also medically fit to partake in this fully funding opportunity.

Apply Online For Fully Funded Brunei Scholarship with Free Visa

The deal of the day is to learn how to apply fully funded Brunei Darussalam scholarship for international students and gladly, we have a news for you.

Currently, the scholarship is closed. International students are left with no other option than to wait till the next session. Therefore, if you are still interested after going through its terms, conditions, and benefits, kindly drop your name, phone number, and email address below to be notified upon its next application.

Feel free to ask questions and contributions using the comment box below.


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