How To Share Facebook Videos Directly On WhatsApp

How to Share Facebook Videos Directly On WhatsApp

How to Share Facebook Videos Directly On WhatsApp – You can share a Facebook video to WhatsApp in two ways, via URL or downloading the Facebook video first, then sharing it to your WhatsApp contacts. After reading this post, you will get several ways to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp. Pick the easiest way below to send Facebook videos to WhatsApp right now.


How to Share Facebook Videos Directly On WhatsApp



Generally speaking, you can share any video via URL when there is no Share option. However, when right-click on the Facebook video, you will find there is no valid URL. Tap on “Copy Video Address,” the URL is something like “blog:https%…”.

 We have collected several ways to send Facebook videos to WhatsApp. Even though these methods are not direct, they work for sharing all types of Facebook videos to WhatsApp. See below

1. Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp with URL

It is tricky to find the valid link of a Facebook video’s URL, but it is possible. With the method below, you can share any Facebook video’s URL to WhatsApp. Click on the link, and the video can play very well on both computer and mobile devices.

  • Click on the Facebook video you want to share.
  • Find and tap the down arrow button on the top right corner, click on “Embed”.
  • A dialog pops up. Ignore the code provided on the column, Tap “Advanced Settings”.
  • Scroll down to the “URL of video”, copy the link of the video.
  • Paste the link and send it to any WhatsApp groups and contacts.

2 . Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp After Downloading

Downloading a Facebook video and then share it to WhatsApp guarantees you a 100% success rate. However, this process can be complicated.

  • Copy the link of the Facebook page where there is a video.
  • Go to, a free Facebook video downloading website. Paste the link to the blank square
  • Click Download.

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Tip: Make a Video & Share it to Your WhatsApp Contacts

Besides Facebook video, you can try to make a video of your own and share it to your WhatsApp contacts. With a free video editor like FlexClip, making a video for your WhatsApp contacts is a piece of cake.

Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Visit and sign up.
  2. Click Get Started – Free button to launch a new project.
  3. Add photos or video clips from the media library or your computer, then add text as you wish.

Make a Video for Your WhatsApp Contacts – Add Contents

Add Background music from your computer or the media library. You can also add voice-over to the video.

Make a Video for Your WhatsApp Contacts – Edit Contents

Preview. If you like the video, save it to your computer and send it to your WhatsApp contacts.

Note the following;

  • FlexClip can also help you change aspect ratio, add watermark to the video. Check other posts to know more.
  • FlexClip is equipped with templates and a media library with rich music, and photos and videos. Use them to level up your video.

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