How To Renew Your Canadian Passport

How To Renew Your Canadian Passport

How To Renew Your Canadian Passport – If you don’t renew your passport when it expires, you will not be allowed to leave or re-enter Canada. A Canadian passport enables the holder to leave and enter Canada without restriction and it is issued to Canadian citizens by the Passport Program of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

How To Renew Your Canadian Passport

With this passport, you can travel out of Canada to other countries according to the visa requirements and you can also get assistance from the Canadian consular officials in any foreign country you find yourself as long as you have your Canadian passport.

The passport has duration of 5years for children under 16years and for anyone above 16years, the passport is valid for about 5 to 10years and you can actually apply for renewal of your Canadian passport when it expires but Canadian passports for children below 16years of age cannot be renewed.

You might be wondering what if your passport expires while you are outside Canada, well you can actually renew your Canadian passport whether you are in or outside Canada. We will be showing you some steps to follow to renew your Canadian passport.

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Let’s look at six steps to follow in renewing your Canadian passport…

1. You will have to find out if you can renew your Canadian passport

To apply for a new Canadian passport, you must be a citizen of Canada and for you to renew your passport, your current passport must:

  • Not have been reported stolen or lost
  • Not be damaged
  • Be valid or has been expired for not more than one year on the day your application was received.
  • Have been issued when you were at least 16years of age
  • Have been issued with a duration of 5years or 10years
  • Have the same name, date of birth, place of birth and gender you want on the new passport you are applying for

2. Complete your application form

You will have to visit the IRCC official website to download a copy of the adult passport application form and make sure you check the related box in section two of your passport application form if your old passport contains a visa you will like to keep.

Like we said earlier that a child’s Canadian passport cannot be renewed and so you will have to apply for a new one. You will have to make sure all the necessary supporting documents are ready before applying. You will also need a guarantor to stand in and sign documents for the child and this person can be a family member or someone you trust but certainly not you (the parent of the child).

3. Gather the necessary documents and get your passport photo

You will have to include two identical passport photos and your old passport in in your application package.

4. Get references

Your references must include two persons who know you for at least two years. Your family members are not allowed to be used as references when renewing your passport.

5. Pay your fees

The application fee you will pay depends on your age and also where you are applying from and you can make your payments through credit card, debit cards, money order or certified cheque.

You can submit your application in person at a passport office or receiving agent (Canada post) or submit it by mail.

6. Get your passport

You can get your new passport at a given pickup date when you submitted your application or you can have someone pick it on your behalf but you must do well to present a signed letter giving that person permission to pick up the passport and they must also present a valid identification for themselves.

Also, if you apply by mail, your new passport and other documents will be mailed to the address you provided on your application.

How Long Does It Take To Renew My Canadian Passport?

Well, it takes a processing time of about 20 working days from the date you submitted your application for you to get your new Canadian passport.

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