How to Download Facebook Photo Album

How to Download Facebook Photo Album – Saving a photo on Facebook is a very simple step as it requires a few seconds’ causes of its simplicity. All you have to do hover over the image and right-click and select download to download the picture. Looking to know How to Download an Entire Facebook Photo Album?, This page will assist you.

How to Download Facebook Photo Album

But you might want to download an entire album, and saving each photo one by one will take a whole lot of time, and it’s also stress. Rather than doing that, Facebook brought out a feature that allows you to download an entire album. This feature saves time and prevents stress because just following some procedures will allow you to download the pictures you need.

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Ever thought of saving a whole album with few clicks? Well, this post will be of help because I will be sharing methods on how you can download an entire Facebook photo album. You can keep the albums in a secured place or rather share them with your loved ones. If you want to download an entire photo album of your friend or family follow the steps given below and you are also advised to follow these steps correctly to get an accurate result.

Steps on How to Download Facebook Photo Album

  • Download and install the Facebook down album Google chrome extension. We chose this extension cause it’s a good one and it keeps the original resolution of the
  • Go to the specific account and open the photo album you want to download from
  • Open the down album app and click on the normal button. But before you do this make sure the picture in the album is loaded
  • A new window will come up, click on the ok button
  • Once you click on that button, the pictures start downloading
  • Once they are all downloaded, a window will pop up with instructions on how you can save the pictures.
  • Follow the instructions given correctly and save the photos.
Steps on How to Download Facebook Photo Album if you are the owner
  • Go to the photo album you want to download and open it
  • Click on the setting icon at the right corner of the photo album
  • On the drop-down menu, click on the download album button
  • Click on the continue button
  • Click on the below pop up window to start downloading the photos
  • Facebook will send your email a downloading link.