Facebook Dating App to Find Singles Near Me Online – Find Hot single men and Women Using Facebook Hook up App

Facebook Dating App to Find Singles Near Me Online

Facebook Dating App to Find Singles Near Me Online – Since the discovery of internet and the possibility of two people from different location who share the same believe, preference and understanding can meet online and become friends or probably marry each other, online dating has become a common knowledge in almost every part of this world and a lot of people are subscribing to it.


Facebook Dating App to Find Singles Near Me Online

Facebook dating is one of the many services of Facebook, where Facebook users get to meet other users interested in dating, this feature is directly inside Facebook, you don’t need to download a special app for this service to operate or be redirected to another site to make it run. The feature is designed to make Facebook dating a private issue, where your activities are only visible to some certain people.


There is no way as an adult who have access to computer or smartphone, would not have heard about online dating, plus there are numerous online dating sites right now, who constantly run ads for promoting their services. In fact, if you are 18 years old and above, you must have stumbled upon various dating sites and apps while surfing the Internet.


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However, some of these numerous online dating sites/app cannot be trusted that is why you need a reliable place to find hot single men and women who are interested in you and there’s no better place to get beautiful single in larger numbers than Facebook. Therefore making Facebook Dating App a hot cake today.



Who can use the Facebook Dating App to Find Singles Nearby

Just like other dating apps out there, the recommended age for using Facebook dating service is 18 years and above. Users who are above the recommended age can freely access the dating feature inside the Facebook app for dating purposes without restriction. Facebook dating service is gradually rolling out to every country where Facebook is operational.

How Facebook Dating Service Works

Being a service owned by Facebook, every user who wishes to use Facebook dating service must have an active account on Facebook, asides this the Facebook dating service requires that every user must have a separate dating profile, separate from the one made public when opening their Facebook account. This profile is going to be visible only to the people in the dating community; your dating profile will not be visible to your friends on your public profile.

Facebook dating also allows users to post up to nine photos of themselves and also an introduction to spice up a conversation between you and potential matches.


How does Facebook Dating App Match People?

Facebook employs some sort of brilliant algorithm to match users of Facebook dating service by taking few things into consideration such as staying within the same region, belonging to the same Groups, liking the same page, attending the same events and so on. All these are what contribute to the people that show up on your dating homepage, and the people you meet here are within a distance of 100 km from you based on your device’s location.

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Facebook App for Dating is Secure and Private

The Facebook dating feature is one of the most secure places to carry out dating activities.
Everything done here is hidden from people who are not matched with you inside this feature, the people you meet, the messages you send and receive are all private and secure to you alone.

Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, stated in an interview that Facebook dating was created to foster relationship and dating interests, especially for those who are looking for long term relationships and commitment, with the hopes of meeting in reality and pursuing such goals together.

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