CashFx Deposit – How To Upgrade On CashFx (Video)

How To Upgrade On CashFx

How To Upgrade On CashFx – Do you wish to upgrade your CashFx account but found it difficult?. Do not worry, just follow the guidelines presented on this page.


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How To Upgrade On CashFx (Video)

In order to upgrade on cashfx is very simple, We believed you have registered,(Click Here to Register if you have not) that is why you need to fund your wallet for an upgrade.


Upgrade comes in two form;


 1.  Either From your Cashfx account balance


2. From your Bitcoin wallet

To upgrade Your CashFx Account;

  1. Go to the Cashfx official page @
  2. Login & select your Package
  3. Type in your username and password as created at the registration process and click ‘Login’ button.
    If presented with Device Confirmation Screen, go to your email and get the code sent to you to confirm your device
  4. After confirmation of your device, you will be presented with ‘Membership / choose Membership’
  5. Proceed by choosing Academy + Trading Pack
  6. Scroll as necessary to display the package amount you plan to buy
  7. Click on buy for the appropriate package, e.g. For $300
  8. You will be presented with the dialogue box
  9. Fill in the required information, click to agree to the Terms and Condition and
  10. Click the Continue button to get to the next stage.
  11. You will be presented with the confirmation screen
  12. Ensure the Package Price is correct for what you want to buy
  13. Click Confirm Order Button to confirm your order
  14. You will be presented with payment information screen
  15. Click on the ‘Copy Address’ button to copy the Bitcoin address to send the payment to and the Bitcoin amount. Make payment from your Bitcoin wallet using the bitcoin address you copy with the amount presented to you, or send the information to who is helping you make the payment.

The two data should look like this –

  • Address: 35KvGp68CqnAaUk4BitBhomXdWxFQRoimz
  • Amount: 0.05684073

Note the following:

  • Ensure you have done the necessary registration with any online exchange and wallet thereafter buy the bitcoin needed for the transaction before
  • Clicking the copy button before copying the address because you can only
  • Click copy address once in the payment portal as shown below


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