Big Brother Audition Tips – Successful Tips for Big Brother Naija’s Audition

Big Brother Audition Tips – Here are successful tips that will be useful for you at the Big Brother Naija 2021 auditions. As known, the audition process offers the chance to every contestant to stand out and prove just why the public should be tuning into you each week for the duration of the show.

Big Brother Audition Tips

For every reality TV show, contestants try to seek success tips ahead of the auditioning as no one is sure of what character Big Brother actually wants in his house.

Successful Tips for Big Brother Naija’s Audition

  • You need to be confident

Every contestant aiming to pa through the audition to the next stage must be confident all through the given period. Reality show experts believe it’s normal to be easy but it’s best to make it known and overcome it. Part of being confident is wearing something memorable but not crazy. Contestants don’t need to wear a costume or three-piece suit that you ordinarily don’t wear or not comfortable in.

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  • Be yourself and embrace your personality in totality

Every contestant must understand that his/her imperfections could set him/her apart from the lot. If you have big boobs, tattoos, big bums, fat, slim, thick, light skinned, dark skinned or a biracial, hide your figure, skin colour or person, rather, show them off. Lastly, being fake is very obvious to the casting judges, hence, they’re also not impressed by weird stunts.

  • Be honest all through

Most individuals, who lie about their person, life history or answer questions with fake responses hardly go far. The biggest deal-breaker in the business is a lie. A criminal record or embarrassing past won’t make casting directors rule you out, but lying about them will.

  • Be prepared to sell your uniqueness

There’s obviously something unique about you and that is why you will be found intriguing and probably chosen by the judges. Do you have six toes? A lazy eye? Anger management issues? All these are not deal breakers, as they just might be the ‘it’ factor to get into the Big Brother House.

  • Show your talent

One thing you need to bring to the audition venue is your A game. Every contestant needs to pick a succinct script and stick to it. another way to go about this is to think about a person who might be your polar opposite housemate if picked and this will help the casting judge see where you can fit in Big Brother House.

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  • Get a business plan and strategy ready

From BamBam to Bisola and Lolu, ex-housemates have agreed that there is every need to have a business plan or strategy ready. Experts further said contestants must have a strong opinion if they plan on getting cast for the Big Brother Naija. Interestingly, the opinion or strategy can be anything, just stick with it and follow through with it and never deter.

Be polite

All contestants need every need to be in their best behavior. Not because they will all be chosen but because you never know when a polite act might be the only card you need to get into the Big Brother House.

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