Best Australian Scholarship Opportunities For Foreign Student

Best Australian Scholarship Opportunities For Foreign Student

Best Australian Scholarship Opportunities For Foreign Students – Australia Country offers some of the most advanced educational courses globally and it ensures that international students make the most of them. This is why these scholarships come in handy for those who can’t afford the tuition fees. So, apply soon and give a boost to your educational dream.

Best Australian Scholarship Opportunities For Foreign Students

Apart from its scenic beauty and great weather, Australia is also one of the most developed nations in the world, which means ample opportunities for career expansion. For the same obvious reasons, this is also a perfect place for acquiring quality education, proven by the fact that every year, thousands of students from across the world migrate to this paradise to give their education a new dimension. So, to help you get acquainted with the educational system of this country, we are presenting to you the five best Australian scholarship opportunities for foreign students.

ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship

The Australian National University (ANU) is a benchmark for quality education, which is why, its scholarship, is also extremely reliable. It provides great scope for international students by offering scholarships, both in the undergraduate as well as in graduate arena.

Designed specifically to promote the inclusion of international students, the Chancellor’s International Scholarship gives discounts on tuition fees to six categories of applicants. The amount of scholarship discount you will get will depend on your GPA and citizenship. A great aspect of this scholarship is that you don’t have to apply for it separately since every qualified candidate is automatically considered for it.

University of Houston Victoria International Programs Office Scholarships USA

Deakin International Scholarship

Deakin University has a marvelous scholarship program for international talents who have showcased excellence in their respective fields of study. Being a student of a coursework degree and scoring at least 65% in your field qualifies you for this scholarship.

In order to apply for this scholarship, you need to prepare all necessary documents including academic transcripts and the application form along with a statement of why you should be selected for this scholarship. You then have to proceed to mail it to the email address of the Deakin International Admissions office. If successful, the university will reach out to you in around six weeks.

La Trobe International Scholarship

Offering a 15-25% discount on tuition fees, La Trobe University provides a discount on tuition fees for international students through their La Trobe International scholarship. The amount of discount you receive will depend on your WAM (Weighted Average Mark).

We recommend you check the courses that are eligible for this scholarship since not all subjects are included in it. So, make sure to check it on their website. If your course is eligible for the scholarship, you don’t have to apply for the scholarship separately, and it will be included automatically.

Maintaining good academic performance is crucial since if you fail to maintain good results or don’t commit to full-time enrolment each semester, the scholarship might be terminated.

ACU Global Excellence Scholarships

Awarded by the Australian Catholic University (ACU), this scholarship offers a discount of $2,500 on your tuition fee for each semester. In addition to this, it also provides scholarships to the students of Peter Faber Business School.

You don’t have to fill up any separate forms for the scholarship. Once the university assesses your application form, it will notify you if your application is successful. This scholarship is also merit-based.

Australia Awards Scholarships

The Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) covers your entire tuition fees along with monthly allowances, reimbursement of travel expenses, establishment allowances, and health insurance. This makes it one of the most viable scholarships in the country.

The Department of foreign affairs and Trade of the Australian government funds this scholarship which has been created to promote students from developing nations. We encourage you to read the AAS policy handbook first before applying. You can visit the website of the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS) for starting your application process.

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